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People Seriously Ill after Vaccine
NY State Detention Camps?
No Scientific Evidence that Masks do Anything
Was the Entire Capitol Siege a Deliberate False Flag
Governments are Creating Horror Scenarios for Lockdowns to Retain Power
Call to Criminally Prosecute Cuomo for Hiding Death Counts in Nursing Homes
Biden Claims He Can Prevent People from Traveling State to State with Fauci
British Economy Declines Worse in 300 years – Thanks to Boris and his Buddy Bill
Unemployment andVelocity
60% of Americans Now Want a 3rd Party – Good Bye Republicans and Democrats
Federal Reserve and Fake Conspiracies
Facebook and Zuckerberg’s New World Order – Tyranny
COVID – A Convenient Virus
The Absence of Randomness
People Being Fired by Democrats for Refusing to Get Vaccine
Vaccine Concerns that They Call Conspiracy Theory and Getting Back to Normal
Seattle Orders $4 per Hour Extra for Essential Workers Causing More Company Closures
The COVID Fraud Will Not Stay Hidden Forever
Pfizer Has Used COVID to Terrorize the World?
Is Europe Finished?
Alexa – Does Bill Gates Kill People? – 2 minute video
Gallup Poll says 51% of health care workers Refuse to Vaccinate
Education Creating Decivilization – There has been a surge in student suicides nationwide.
Using the Capitol Protest for a Hidden Agenda
The Fraud in Georgia  – a must read plus a short video
The Best form of Government
Food Crisis of 2021 in Europe
NYC Imposing COVID Passports and Biden Preparing for Same
Taxing Per Mile You Drive – Why?
It’s A Good Time to Die?
Easter and its Origin
Are Democrats all Evil?
You are just a right-wing anti-vaxer
What Fools these Mortals Be
Czech Government Using COVID for Permanent Control
Fauci Preaching Total World Control is Necessary
Twitter Acting to Protect CNN Rather than the People
Infiltrating to Indoctrinate Children – 91 second video
Creating Fear to Push COVID – 27 minute video
Woke Culture Going Insane – Humorous, yet sad

“There are serious questions being raised by deaths of elderly who had recovered from COVID-19, but died after getting the vaccine. Meanwhile, Instagram has now banned Robert F Kennedy Jr over his Covid vaccine posts. I believe that BigTech and mainstream media should be brought to charge for what they are doing is no different than the New York Times in hiding the 7 million deaths of Ukrainians all because they wanted Communism to prevail in the United States.

“They are DELIBERATELY causing deaths which is a crime against humanity by censoring the truth. These people belong in prison, a fate far worse than death. They are censoring emails and doing everything they can to further this terrorist act to alter our very society with fear tactics.

Personally, I will not take any vaccine from these people when they will not allow the truth to be freely discussed.” – Martin Armstrong

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