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Why Have a Constitution?

Why have a Constitution when our three branches of government totally ignore it when it suits their needs? The legislative branch makes up laws that the Constitution forbids. They strip us of our right to free speech or ignore it when others deny us the freedom to share our opinion. The executive branch passes executive orders without following due process as stated in the Constitution. The judicial branch ignores the Constitution and refuses to listen to cases that do not suit the current narrative. This has been going on for many decades.

Courts lock up people for 7 years because they refused to give the source code to their software when the law only allows a person to be held for up to 18 months for “contempt of court”.

Bureaucratic organizations like the FDA, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, as well as social media sites are attempting to silence people for sharing their findings on vaccines, viruses, and climate. Their findings are based on many well-respected scientists [until those scientists speak out against the government’s agenda].

Then there is this local paper which allows people to personally attack others whom they disagree without providing any facts, just their warped thinking. I set up a website to provide links to a lot of the information I review, while others just spew out what comes from their limited view of the world.

When I am personally attacked by another writer to this paper, I consider the source and know that no one is fooled by what they write. What is unfortunate is that some of these people can influence the minds of our youth on a daily basis.

My research comes from many sources – those I have mentioned previously, many other news sources I subscribe to, YouTube, and docuseries on various issues.

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