Gary Gile presents The “Stimulus Package”

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The “Stimulus Package”

I enjoyed the editor’s writings last week in the “Bulletin Board” and in “Observations & Ruminations” at the end [On a lighter side] as it showed a different side of him. About his comments on health care, yes, it is shameful to have so much in this country, yet medical care is so expensive many can’t afford it. One partial solution is to stop such huge “frivolous” lawsuits and reduce malpractice insurance premiums. Then stop protecting pharmaceutical companies and their exorbitant prices on medicines.

Congress and the president signed the so called “Stimulus Package” of $1.9 Trillion and it passed without any congressional republicans approving it.

9% of those funds went to COVID “relief”. The rest went to fill the pockets of special interest groups, foreign governments, and repaying those who helped get democrats elected. Plus, much of the money can’t be used for several years, that on top of the unused money from the last “stimulus package”.

I heard that for years we have been sending money to Honduras [over $100 million yearly] and Honduras also received stimulus money. There are only around 10 million people living in Honduras. I also heard that most illegal aliens crossing our southern border are from Honduras. At the border we attempt to test them for the virus and whether or not they test positive, they are released into our interior. Can anyone explain to me the justification for this?

Our president wants to raise taxes on businesses and wealthy individuals. That sounds good. However, that has never worked in the past because they have accountants who can find the workarounds that congress leaves in those tax hikes so they can also reduce their taxes. Plus, big business always pass down their extra tax obligations to the consumer. Maybe a national sales tax?

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