Gary Gile presents The Correct meaning of “Mainstream Media”

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The Correct meaning of “Mainstream Media”

Mainstream Media does not mean “news sources I disagree with”. It actually means news sources that is most listened to or viewed by people.

It amazes me how narrow-minded people are in how they view the world. They will never be open to even consider that perhaps what they consider “truth” is no more than a position that another group wants you to believe to have their way.

I will not believe anything CNN says because of one news coverage they did on the hurricane in Florida a couple years ago. The “newscaster” was standing almost waist deep in a “flooded” street interviewing a woman. A short distance away on the street corner 2 city workers were ankle deep in the same water. How can that be? It reminds me of the Latin phrase “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” meaning “false in one thing, false in everything”.

Another Latin phrase, “cui bono” meaning “who benefits” which is a good way to help determine where the truth is. One may want to consider this when determining who is a “credible expert”, whether one is referring to a “scientist”, a politician, person in the medical profession, a billionaire, or even a pharmaceutical company.

My purpose in writing my letters is NOT to persuade another to my way of thinking, rather to provide open-minded individuals a link to opposing views that will give them choices/options in formalizing their belief system.

We all have our biases. It’s when we choose to be closed-minded and only consider one point of view that we allow our biases to rule us.

I can’t cover all that I would like to say in just 300 words which is why I set up my website. My friend wrote an article “Ready or Not” [the Biblical End Times]

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