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Take Back Our Country

In graduate school studying clinical psychology, one person in my class called me naive. Looking back, she may have been right because I never thought about one aspect of wearing face masks to “protect” us from “the virus”.

We used to be concerned about plastics polluting our oceans and lands. We are cutting back on disposal straws and other plastics, which is good. However, our oceans and lands are overflowing with face masks and rubber gloves. I guess there is no end to how little we care about saving our world.

We lock down the world’s population, destroying businesses and lives. We litter our oceans and lands with items we no longer want/need. We destroy our freedom of speech and the right to protect ourselves. We ban books, ridicule people who hold different views than ours, and in general attempt to change history by destroying statues and other landmarks.

When are we the people going to take back our country by voting out destructive political representatives and stop backing social media companies who block “free speech”?

This “cancel culture” craziness has gone way too far. Business like Dove soap no longer using the word “normal” in their advertising, Disneyland removing or changing some of their rides and movies, changing the names of sport teams, changing the names of some ice creams and syrup, and many other foolishness, all because a few people speak out about “being offended”. They need to “get a life”.

One lady has been writing very good letters about racial discrimination. When are we going to stop looking at outer appearances of others and look into their heart and minds to determine their value as people? Oops, there goes me showing my naivete, thinking people are willing to leave behind their prejudices and view others as themselves.

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