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Stop the Hate

It is interesting to me that since November 3 several people have been emboldened to write letters to the editor expressing their HATE for President Trump and all republicans who voted for him.

It is one thing to not like the policies of a person and another thing to HATE the person.

On the one hand Biden says he wants to unite the country and in his next breath, he wants to punish half the population because they did not vote for him. This is the same scenario that many politicians are following. How is that going to unite the country.

The giant social media sites are beginning to ban anyone whom they do not agree with. How is that allowing free speech? They do not ban hate speech from those they agree with. How is that being unbiased?

Do you realize that there is a difference between FREE speech and HATE speech? It seems that the editor of this paper and the writers who show their hatred for President Trump and those who voted for him do not understand the difference!

What’s comical to me is the letters each week of a small group of people showing their hatred for those with opposing views. [Note: you are only making yourselves look the fool.] Perhaps you need to start giving your views on how we, as a nation, can improve our country. Electing fools and hate-filled people to represent us in NOT a solution.

The people we elect to the local, state, and federal level MUST represent the people they serve and NOT blindly follow, like sheep, the party they are associated with.

If America ever has a chance of surviving, stop the hating, and listen to and read sources that present views different than yours. More next week.

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