Gary Gile presents Slander, Conspiracy, Elements, oh my

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Slander, Conspiracy, Elements, oh my

First, I greatly appreciate the Editor FINALLY doing something about the vicious personal attacks among some of the writers. One of the main things I did not like about President Trump was his personal attacks in Twitter on his opponents. I guess our letter writers wanted to emulate him.

To me a “Conspiracy Theory” is just a viewpoint that one does not agree with, whether that viewpoint is based on proven facts or just hearsay.

I need to be more careful on how I select my words as some people feel that by pointing out that a poor choice of a word, even though the content is clear, makes them feel more superior intellectually. I hoped that worked for them.

I stick by my comment that CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It is a gas made up of three elements, one carbon and two oxygen. Let’s take the opposite viewpoint – CO2 is a pollutant; therefore, we must eliminate it. How will plants grow and thrive? Think about that!

Where is the “overwhelming evidence for CO2 being a primary driver of climate change”? If you mean the “97% of scientist agree that…” then refer to my video regarding that. Having been a math teacher, I know how easy it is to use statistics to come to any conclusion one wants.

CO2 levels are a bit low if one goes back further than a few hundred years. Looking at a minuscule part of millions of years of history is similar to saying the earth is flat. One needs to be a bit more open to history. See my website [] for some articles and videos on climate.

I have provided references to some of where I gathered my information which is more than people who just spew their opinion without much substance.

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