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“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – THOMAS JEFFERSON

Sadly, our young today are “programmed” to want to be taken care of [by parents, teachers, governments] to the point that they have lost the ability of rational thought. That affliction has transferred to much of the older population as well.

“But as an old joke goes, if one source says it’s raining outside and another says it’s not, our job as journalists isn’t to report both. It’s to stick our heads out the window and find out who’s telling the truth.” – Unknown

People reporting the news [or so-called news] should no longer be referred to as “journalists”.

Our government tells us that they make decisions “in our best interest” based on science. Yet their science is VERY biased and prone to serve their own best interests, not ours. [Just follow the money.]

I mentioned in my 2-5-21 Letter that “As far as protection against the virus, they are less than useless.” Actually, that is not what was printed as the paper’s editor had me change the sentence to “As far as protection against the virus, I feel they are less than useless.” He felt that statement was my own personal opinion, and it was to an extent. However, there is TRUE scientific evidence to back that up. Refer to my post at my website under the heading “Viruses” and article – Moist Masks Are Good for You – NOT. My website is at

Next week I will dive into the current state of politics and perhaps we should not only look at republicans vs. democrats, conservatives vs. progressives. Rather peal back the curtain.

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