Gary Gile presents Playing the “Race” Card

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Playing the “Race” Card

It may just be my imagination, yet it seems every time the democrats in power find something that goes against their desires, they play the “race” card.

As one example, the recent legislation Governor Kemp signed in Georgia to make voting more secure such that only people legally qualified to vote may cast their vote. Democrats are saying it is racist to have such legislation as it will keep the non-white legal [or illegal] voters from voting.

To make matters worse, big corporations are jumping in. The NLB [national league baseball] is moving the baseball all-star game from Atlanta, while Delta and Coca-Cola also spoke out against the new law.

CNN interviewed Senator Warnock regarding the new Georgia law. Of course, he had to state that the bill was signed “in the presence of all white men”. How was that relevant? He also said that President Jefferson had once said “that all men are created equal. I guess he meant ‘all men’ because women weren’t included.”

In Jefferson’s day as well as the current period, except the past several years, the phrase “all men are created equal” meant all “humans”. Today, to be “politically correct” we need to say, “all men, women, gay, transgender, other, etc.”.

What are we allowing our country to become?

Biden commented how wrong it is to not allow people to be given water while waiting in line to vote. The new law does not prohibit people from having water in line. In fact, they can bring their own water, buy water, or receive free water from an unattended receptacle at a self-service water stand.

This big to do about the new Georgia voting law is to help the democrats push through HR 1. If you don’t know what that is about, look it up.

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