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More on COVID

I appreciate the gentleman who responded to my last letter. It helps me to clarify some things.

I did not say COVID has destroyed the world economy. Rather it is destroying the world economy, a big difference. Yes, some of us haven’t been too inconvenienced as we can work from home or still have a job. I stick by my statement that masks or at least 90+% of masks are useless unless you have COVID and want to protect those around you.

I have stated a solution – that being to gather all the information you can from as many different sources as possible, keeping an open-mind. It is extremely hard to give all facts I have gathered in 300 words, so I am constructing a website [] with many of the facts I have gathered.

In using Wikipedia, Snopes, and other “fact checking” sites, one may not truly find the facts, rather only biased and/or paid for “facts”. More on that on my website.

In some cases, masks may be harmful because they may make someone feel safe when they aren’t. A much better solution is to wash one’s hands often and keep your hands away from your face when out in public. Also, work on building up your immune system. Ways to do that will be on my website as well.

I question the statements like “established fact is…”. Who established those facts, the CDC. Fauci has switched his stance on mask wearing several times. Is he the “so called expert”?

“One of the solutions to reducing the spread of COVID is wear a mask.” Maybe wearing 2 or more masks as has been suggested would work much better? Or maybe three masks? Remember why medical professionals wear masks – it is to protect their patients, not them.

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