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Climate Change

There appear to be forces around the world strongly pushing Climate Change, aka Global Warming. Since this may be a touchy topic for some people, I had best tread carefully.

Global warming picked up speed in 1976 and since the global warming alarmists kept missing their target of when the world would end, they changed to the term “Climate Change”.

I can’t agree with the term Global Warming and I do believe in Climate Change as the climate is in a constant state of change. I do not believe that our climate is being changed by humankind spewing out too much CO2.

In case you did not know, CO2 is not a pollutant. It is a very import element and life on earth will cease to exist without it. Currently, from what I have read, the CO2 levels are a bit low and if we continue to reduce those levels our food supplies will be reduced.

It is good that people are concerned about pollution and we should do what we can about cleaning our environment. However, scaring people to believe that we humans [and the cows 😉] are to blame for temperature changes is not good.

From what I have read, we are actually headed into a mini-ice age. It may be wise to start a garden just in case that is more correct than believing you will soon have an ocean front view without having moved.

I mentioned previously about “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better” movement spearheaded by Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab whose main focus is to establish a one world government in their desired image.

PS: on a side note – what is this about “Choosing sides”? Choosing sides is what is destroying our country. Choosing sides is the democrats/republicans NOT following what the constituents desire but following their party, right or wrong.

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