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Hope you’re all well.

I know it’s been awhile since you have heard from me but this will update you about our work with Living Inquiry.

I pushed the date back because I’ve been;

1. Working like hell to improve the essence of the core work having written 100s of new notes and cataloguing them for future notes.

2. Experimented with various forms of new video, acquired necessary KSEs to design, plan and shoot new video, fixed some of my teeth.

3. Worked in a 18 month corporate design for SK+Inquiry which I finally got approval to run a prototype (they will pay—not much;) because folks if you can’t sell this stuff, the platform is dead on arrival…and I’ve had plenty of those!

4. In the process had covid 4x! Discovering each new variant in the process after getting my vaccine (J&J) 9/13/2021 and hoping that I will return to normal—harder to do as you get older—and not missing any work while traveling back and forth 4-5x a year since we could the passed year.

5. Some major discoveries which will enhance the offering which I started in the draft book release last year and lists of videos to make which I’m hoping to get this corporate project to funding a portion from 2024-2026 which I’ve gotten through 4 of 5 levels of approval!

6. With the current situation some doubt has crept into my mind about the last mile.

7. With Gary’s help, we are getting ready to launch the intro to the prototype in May thru Oct mostly virtual (but recorded) so I can get permission—I hope to share—so we can ready this program for delivery in 2024 when all hell will probably break loose.

But it coincides with a dragon year (of course) once every 12 years and a very interesting phenomena around the RAT YEAR of 2032—if you track Armstrong Economics at all.

It’s very interesting—my sideline playing with Chinese astrology—that year is the “black water rat” year and the rat is the only animal sign that Carries both yin/yan characteristics. (It’s also my 80th;)

That aside—Gary will be 50—I just wanted to let you know like a duck on top of a pond, I’m paddling like hell through thick and thin.


The global home of Leadership University continues to rise as a monument to the work.

The two-pool complex (we are building from the bottom of the hill up) will be finished March 1, after 7 years of holes in the ground that mar the properties beauty and will hold our first solar project to power the two pools and the aquaculture tank rising above—hell we may need the food! Ugh.

As of right now, no leaks in the big pool as we prepare the finish of one of the water storage tanks — this big pool is 4m deep when full and is a diving (free diving practice area and scuba training) to give visitors something to do in controlled conditions!

As the next video shows, global cooling has already begun as we are staying in La Niña now for the past 4 years.

Astrology and weather aside, the facility is gaining ground and as Gary and I sacrifice to keep the project on track mostly. As you can see in the short video narrated by one of the kids of our comcierge, we added 3 more raised beds(15) at the garden by sea, Indian trees to anchor the 4m (global warming;) sea wall and Coconut trees for fruit this year.

We have almost entirely recreated the 1200 sqm seaside lava flow with maybe 1000 Tons of “handcrafted and hand carried rock from hillside!

There is still so much to do but by next year when the platform releases, we will be ready for a few visitors!



I’ll be back to you soon about next steps.


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