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Welcome to my website

In January 2021 I started writing letters to the Editor to our local weekly paper. I started writing the letters because I felt it important to me to NOT stay silent when I see, according to my beliefs, that our country is headed down a VERY dangerous path, a path we may never recover from if too many people remain silent or poorly informed.

Instead of playing the BLAME game that the republicans and democrats [more so by the democrats] we need to have an open mind and be willing to step out of our comfort zone, acknowledge our biases, and begin to look at views of those you currently disagree with. Only by being exposed to all sides of a situation may one arrive at a sounder solution.

In my first letter [I post my letters under “Letters”] I mentioned that “Perhaps you need to start giving your views on how we, as a nation, can improve our country.” However, before giving one’s views on how to improve our country, we first need to have an open mind and be willing to read/listen to the views of those you normally would not listen to.

Some of my biases are:
I don’t  listen to CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, or Fox as they have shown how biased they are against republicans and conservatives.
I do not go to Wikipedia, Snopes, or other so-called fact-checker sites because I have found instances where their fact-checking were not factual.
I do listen to docuseries about Vaccines, Viruses [COVID], and how to stay or become healthy. I have, for the past 47 years, been interested in healthy living, which is partly why I love gardening.
I do gather information from two main sources, which I will post on the following pages Dr. Mercola and Martin Armstrong.
I also like to listen to SiriusXM channel 125 – the Patriot channel, the Dana Loesch Show,  and the Michael Savage Show. This podcast by Dr. Savage on Can You be Happy in a Sad World is very good.

Regarding the website of Dr. Mercola, if you look him up, you may find that many of his videos have been banned on YouTube. [Note: I only use YouTube to learn more about gardening because they have been blocking those with views that differ from the democrats and “progressives” agenda. At least Dr. Mercola provides sources where he finds his information.

Regarding the website of Martin Armstrong. I told a very good friend of mine about his website. Being a very in-depth researcher, she discovered that he was in federal prison for 7 years and she would not listen to a criminal. Before judging a person, it would be wise to know why a person was in his/her situation. He was in prison because he was in contempt of court for not giving up his source code to the computer software he developed which is excellent at projecting coming events. [More on this later.]

One can only legally be held in jail for contempt for up to 18 months. However, the New York federal court kept coming up with ways to hold him longer. Finally, the US Supreme Court forced the court to release him.

My suggestion:

Open your mind, put aside your biases, and start learning about views that one will not easily find through the normal news channels. Over time I hope to provide you with some of the sources and information I have found, and which have shaped my values system.

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We hope you pick up valuable insights, ideas, and tools during this process, which you can use for your own development as well as making our world a better place.

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